What is the Habiteo Truck ?

The Habiteo Truck is a double-decker bus in which we are displaying all of our 3D technologies: cardboard, tactile table, HTC Vives, tablet… Imagine this!

At real estate conference, on the town square or even in front of you development under construction. There are numerous possibilities with guaranteed effect.

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Discover a whole new kindof sales office


The bus is fully equiped to guarantee you comfort and full autonomy: offer your clients a high-end service and provide your sales agents with a new selling place.


The bus can be parked according to your needs: on a building plot nearby one of your real estate programs under construction, on a trade show, downtown, mall, etc.


No need to assemble or disassemble anything, our team will take care of everything for you. For your convenience, a terrace or an exterior area may be added.


The bus can be ready and parked wherever you need it within a short time frame, depending on its availability. It can be driven to one development spot to another in no time.

They've chosen the Habiteo Truck

Pierre Macudzinski

Housing Development Manager for JMP EXPANSION

Habiteo Truck in an incredible communication and marketing tool, we need more trucks like this one ! …

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Valérie Négrel

Branch Manager for SOLVIMO

The bonus ? A great impact on the reservations !

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